For the episode, see MST3K 522 - Teen-Age Crime Wave.

Teen-Age Crime Wave is a 1955 crime film directed by Fred Sears.


Terry is a bitter young woman with a criminal record who had suffered through an abusive childhood. Jane is a naïf who agrees to go on a double date with Terry while the latter seduces a doughy bar patron in order to rob him. The planned robbery is foiled, and the two are arrested and booked. Jane's parents disown her over her error in judgement, and the two young women are sentenced to incarceration.

Mike, Terry's violent boyfriend, intercepts the car that is carrying the women to prison and they make their escape. They take refuge in a farmhouse and terrorize the family within (a couple who seem to be in their 60s, later joined by their son visiting from college) while waiting for an accomplice to arrive with money, guns, and transportation. While waiting, Mike threatens everyone and kills a visiting neighbor. Meanwhile Terry tries to seduce the couple's son, and Jane's parents reconsider their position. 

The police intercept the accomplice on his way to the farmhouse, so the young criminals take a hostage in a car and end up at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles where they engage in a showdown with police.



  • An advertising campaign tried to promote Molly McCart's short haircut as the next fashion, but it was not successful.

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