What kind of a nut would do something like this?
- Ambulance Worker

For the MST3K episode, see MST3K 514 - Teen-Age Strangler.

Teen-Age Strangler is a 1964 suspense thriller.


A serial killer has been targeting teenage girls in a small town, strangling his victims with pantyhose and drawing an "X" in lipstick on their foreheads. Lieutenant Anderson is frustrated by the crimes, and thinks that modern parents have become too lax with their curfews.

Local hot-rod gang the Fast Backs find themselves prime suspects, since an eyewitness says she might have seen their insignia (a bulldog) on the back of the killer's coat. The Fast Backs' alibi is that they were engaged in an illegal drag strip race. The only member of the group who was not at the race was Jimmy, who is carrying on a forbidden romance with Betty and can't answer for his whereabouts. Tensions with fellow gang member Curly cause Jimmy to throw his Fast Backs jacket away, and a wild fistfight leads to a challenge to drag. When another body is found, the clues point to Curly, but a high speed chase and a terrible accident complicate matters further.

The killer is eventually discovered and Jimmy's younger brother Mikey reveals a shameful secret.


  • Bill Bloom as Jimmy Walton
  • John Ensign as Lt. Anderson
  • John Humphries as Mikey Walton
  • Jo Canterbury as Betty Royson
  • Ron Ormond as the Janitor


  • Filmed in Huntington, West Virginia. After being used by MST3K, it was given a premiere showing in Huntington in 1994.
  • This movie was re-released in black & white in 1990.
  • John Humphries (Mikey) had never acted before doing this film. He has since said that he took his acting cues from Jo Canterbury, whom he knew had some acting experience off-Broadway. So, as her performance became more teary and shrill, so did his.[1]
  • According to Humphries, most of the cast and crew of this film were friends or relatives of director Ben Parker.

MST3K Connections[]

  • Executive producer Elvin Feltner was also story writer and producer for Carnival Magic.