For the episode, see MST3K 404 - Teenagers from Outer Space.

Teenagers from Outer Space is a 1959 science-fiction film written and directed by Tom Graeff.


Alien beings who are the products of an oppressive dystopian society land on Earth. Among them is the uncommonly sensitive Derek. When conflict arises over the plan to colonize Earth with 'gargons' (their food source), Derek escapes to a nearby town and soon meets the friendly and trusting Betty Morgan.

Chaos ensues when Derek's hostile crewmate Thor follows him into town, leaving a trail of victims in his wake. Thor is seriously injured, and the gargon left behind by the other aliens starts to grow significantly. Derek eventually discovers that he is the son of his planet's ruler, and sacrifices himself to destroy the invasion fleet.


  • David Love as Derek
  • Dawn Bender as Betty Morgan (credited as Dawn Anderson)
  • Bryan Grant as Thor
  • Harvey B. Dunn as Gramps Morgan
  • King Moody as Spacecraft Captain
  • Tom Graeff as Joe Rogers
  • Sonia Torgeson as Alice Woodward


  • Although Warner Bros. distributed this film, it was not a Warner Bros. production. The studio needed a genre film to play as the second feature with the Godzilla sequel it was releasing under the title Gojira No Gyakushû (English title: Godzilla Raids Again) (1955) and bought this from producer Tom Graeff.
  • Tom Graeff wrote, produced, directed, edited, and acted in the movie. Contrary to popular belief, Tom Graeff’s stage name was not ‘David Love’ (the actor who played Derek) but rather ‘Tom Lockyear’ (who played Betty’s reporter friend Joe Rogers). Not much is known about actor Chuck Roberts (credited as 'David Love', who played Derek) other than that he was Tom Graeff's lover at the time.
  • Robert King Moody (who plays the commanding officer from the ship) is probably best known for portraying Starker—the dim-witted assistant of Sigfried, the head of KAOS—on the 1960s sitcom Get Smart.
  • The film's producers could not afford to construct a giant monster, so only its shadow is seen - cast (most likely) by a normal-sized lobster. The trim on the aliens' costumes is made from masking tape, and their space boots are men's dress shoes covered by socks. The ray gun prop was a Hubley's Atomic Disintegrator toy (original versions of which are quite valuable today).
  • The entire movie is an extra on the 2005 PS2 video game Destroy All Humans!. It becomes available once the main story campaign is completed.[1]
  • This is one of several MST3K movies which used Bronson Canyon as a filming location.
  • No relation to the anime-style role-playing game of the same name (which is instead a comedy about aliens enrolling their children in human high schools).
  • There is a website dedicated to the exploits of Tom Graeff and this film.
  • Teenagers from Outer Space

    The aftermath of the movie's release is notable. Tom Graeff used $15,000 for the film's production that was provided by actor Bryan Grant (Thor) and his wife Ursula Pearson (Hilda). When the film was unsuccessful, Grant took Graeff to court to demand reimbursement of what he invested in the film, which was $5,000. After a year-long legal dispute, Grant received his money and he and Graeff (who were good friends during the film's production) never spoke to each other again.
  • Was nominated in The Golden Turkey Awards series for Most Ridiculous Monster and Most Idiotic Ad Lines in Hollywood History (for, "HOODLUMS FROM ANOTHER WORLD ON A RAY-GUN RAMPAGE!"). It lost respectively to Robot Monster and Kwaheri.