For the episode, see MST3K K21 - The "Legend of Dinosaurs".

The "Legend of Dinosaurs" is a 1977 monster movie directed by Junji Kurata.


In Japan, villagers are tormented by a giant sea monster. A scientist investigates caves nearby, seeking proof of his father's theories about long-lost prehistoric life forms. Due to unprecedented climate changes, the egg of an unknown creature hatches, and the various monsters converge.


  • Tsunehiko Watase as Ashizawa
  • Nobiko Sawa as Akiko
  • Tomoko Kiyoshima as Junko Sonoda
  • Fuyukichi Maki as Muku
  • Hiroshi Nawa as Masahiko Miyawaki


  • At the time of its release, this was the most expensive film Toei produced.
  • None of the creatures depicted in The "Legend of Dinosaurs" are actually dinosaurs. The film's creatures are a plesiosaur and a rhamphorhynchus, which are classified as extinct reptiles not related to dinosaurs.
  • There are some similarities between this film and a planned 1976 joint production of Toho studios and Hammer Film Productions called Nessie. These common elements include the climate anomalies that awaken the creature, the lake setting, and the use of a plesiosaurus (inspired by a popular theory in the 1970s on what the Loch Ness Monster is). It is theorized that Toei produced The "Legend of Dinosaurs" to capitalize on the Nessie film, which was never produced.
  • The "Legend of Dinosaurs" is one of several films that drew inspiration from the successful 1975 shark attack film Jaws (which later became a RiffTrax presentation).
  • This film was especially popular in Russia.

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