For the episode, see MST3K 702 - The Brute Man.


Hal Moffat (Fred Coby before disfigurement, Rondo Hatton afterwards) is taking wholesale revenge by murdering those he holds responsible for his condition (his former college buddies and a professor of chemistry) and sundry others (delivery boys, store clerks, etc.).

While on the run from the police, he is befriended by Helen Paige (Adams), a blind piano teacher. He develops a warmth for her that inspires him to add steal so she may be provided with the money for an operation to restore her sight. The ineffectual authorities are assigned to apprehend him.


  • Rondo Hatton as Hal Moffat / The Creeper
  • Tom Neal as Clifford Scott
  • Jane Adams as Helen Paige
  • Tristram Coffin as Police Lieutenant & radio announcer
  • Jan Wiley as Virginia Rogers Scott
  • Donald McBride as Police Captain Donelly
  • Peter Whitney as Lt. Gates


  • Rondo Hatton, who played the monstrous "Creeper" in this film and in House of Horrors (1946), was handsome as a young man, but later in life became disfigured by acromegaly, a form of gigantism brought about by unnaturally high levels of human growth hormone produced by a disease of the pituitary gland. Hatton passed away before the film was released. Universal was so embarrassed by its shameless exploitation of Hatton's disfiguring illness (which led to his death) that it sold all rights to the finished film to "B" studio Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC).
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