Canned Film Festival

The Canned Film Festival

The Canned Film Festival is a comedy-based motion picture television series syndicated in the summer of 1986, the name being a play on the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. A series of vignettes interwoven throughout the films where the theater patrons would talk about the movie being shown can be seen as reminiscent of the host segments of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


The series plot was built around the fictional town of Limekirk, Texas, where the local Ritz theater was undergoing economic and cultural decline due to lack of a customer base. The owner and sole usherette, Laraine (Laraine Newman of Saturday Night Live fame), took extreme measures to attract moviegoers by adding laundry facilities to the lobby and stocking a large collection of unusual confections. The most successful of Laraine's business ventures to rejuvenate the Ritz was, by far, the screening of strange and unusual films that resulted in the series' namesake. Laraine, together with her mother who ran the projector booth, succeeded in attracting several new customers who became regular characters throughout the rest of the series run.

Movies featured on both MST3K and The Canned Film Festival