The Complete Clowns in the Sky is a 2019 compilation album of music from the original cable television run of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is available on vinyl exclusively from the official MST3K shop.[1] As the title implies, it contains the full track listing of both Clowns in the Sky and Clowns in the Sky II and is, in essence, a re-issue of the digital-only Clowns in the Sky I & II.

Track listing

On the CD version, Sides One and Two are on Disc One, Sides Three and Four are on Disc Two.

Side One

  1. "Theme Song Version 1A" (Seasons 1-5.5 with Joel)
  2. "My Creepy Girl" (Catalina Caper)
  3. "Godzilla Genealogy Bop" (Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster)
  4. "If Chauffeurs Ruled the World" (Ring of Terror)
  5. "Music from Some Guys in Space" (Pod People)
  6. "Tibby, Oh Tibby" (Gamera)
  7. "The Plate Spinning Song" (Gamera vs. Gaos)
  8. "A Clown in the Sky" (Pod People)
  9. "The Waffle Song" (Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)
  10. "A Patrick Swayze Christmas" (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)

Side Two

  1. "Master Ninja Theme Song" (Master Ninja I)
  2. "Tribute to Pants" (Hercules Against the Moon Men)
  3. " Gypsy Rose Me!" (The Day the Earth Froze)
  4. "Kim Cattrall" (City Limits)
  5. "Ode on Estelle" (The Magic Sword)
  6. "Gypsy Moons" (Crash of Moons)
  7. "Hired! Original Broadway Cast" (Bride of the Monster)
  8. "What a Pleasant Journey" (The Girl in Lovers Lane)
  9. "Theme Song Version 2" (Seasons 5.5-6 with Mike)
  10. "The Janitor Song" (Teen-Age Strangler)

Side Three

  1. "NummyMuffinCoocolButter" (Colossus and the Headhunters)
  2. "Merry Christmas...If That's Okay" (Santa Claus)
  3. "The Greatest Frank of All" (Village of the Giants)
  4. "Livin' in Deep Thirteen" (The Violent Years)
  5. "Bouncy Upbeat Song" (Red Zone Cuba)
  6. "Whom Shall I Kill?" (Samson vs. the Vampire Women)
  7. "Tubular Boobular Joy" (Outlaw)
  8. Theme Song Version 3 (Season 7 with Mrs. Forrester)
  9. "Mighty Science Theater"
  10. "Season 8 Theme Song"
  11. "Satellite Hootenanny" (The Deadly Mantis)
  12. "Digger Smolkin Medley" (The Undead)

Side Four

  1. "When I Held Your Brain in My Arms" (Terror from the Year 5000)
  2. "1997 Summer Blockbuster Review Theme" (1st Annual Summer Blockbuster Review)
  3. "The Funky Seventies" (Riding with Death)
  4. "Sodium!" (The Horror of Party Beach)
  5. "Loving Lovers Love" (Overdrawn at the Memory Bank)
  6. "Where, Oh Werewolf" (Werewolf)
  7. "1998 Academy of Robot's Choice Awards Special Song" (Academy of Robots' Choice Awards Special)
  8. "Stay!" (The Deadly Bees)
  9. "Hobgoblins" (Hobgoblins)
  10. "1998 Blockbuster Review Theme" (2nd Annual Summer Blockbuster Review)
  11. "The Canada Song" (The Final Sacrifice)
  12. "Air on a Delta Knight" (Quest of the Delta Knights)
  13. "MST Love Theme"