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For the episode, see MST3K 105 - The Corpse Vanishes.

The Corpse Vanishes is a 1942 American mystery/thriller film starring Bela Lugosi. It was directed by Wallace Fox, and written by Harvey Gates.



The Corpse Vanishes

On the day of her wedding, debutante Alice Wentworth collapses at the altar. The mad scientist Dr. Lorenz had sent Alice a poisoned orchid, the scent of which places the young woman in a state of suspended animation. He then takes her body away to the basement laboratory of his isolated mansion. There, Lorenz extracts her bodily fluids to inject into his wife (who is aged and vain) in order to renew her youth and beauty.

Journalist Patricia Hunter investigates the case and discovers evidence of the unusual orchid. She is directed to Lorenz, a known expert on orchids, and visits his mansion. Lorenz tries to convince her to leave, but she is forced to spend the night when a storm begins. During the night, Patricia discovers Lorenz's basement laboratory. In the morning, she hurries back to her newspaper offices.

Hunter and her colleagues make an attempt to trap Lorenz but he evades them. He chloroforms Hunter and takes her to his laboratory to use her bodily fluids upon his wife. During the injection procedure, Lorenz is stabbed by an angry servant woman who holds Lorenz responsible for her sons’ deaths. Lorenz strangles her, then collapses and dies. The servant rallies weakly and stabs Lorenz‘s wife to death. The police arrive and Hunter is rescued.



  • Bela Lugosi starred in the horror film Bowery at Midnight, also released in 1942. That film includes a scene set outside a cinema in which a poster for The Corpse Vanishes featuring Lugosi's image and name can be seen.

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