"The Gods Jam" is played during the third host segment of Experiment #817 - The Horror of Party Beach when the skeptical Flavia asked Brain Guy and Pearl to demonstrate their godly gifts. Brain Guy used his mental powers to produce music while he and Pearl mimed playing their instruments.

The song briefly sampled some well-known tunes (including "Seasons in the Sun") and later became very similar to music used in a series of fairly well-known television commercials produced by the Beef Industry Council (hence the multiple "beef" references).

The music was arranged by Michael J. Nelson and performed by violinist Lisa Fuglie.


[Roman setting]

OBSERVER: So I said to Jupiter, "You know that Saturn -- he's a different kind of god."

CALLIPYGEAS: Ha ha ha... It's a different kind of god... More wine? Good, good. It's from Gaul, you know. You might say it's from "conquered" grapes. Ha ha!

OBSERVER: Open a window...

CALLIPYGEAS: We invented the pun, you know.

PEARL: Is that right?

FLAVIA: Goddess Apearlo, um, from what part of the Empirium do you dwell, generally?

PEARL: Uh, the suburbs?

[awkward pause]


CALLIPYGEAS: Ha ha, I believe Pliny speaks of the suburbs of the gods...

FLAVIA: And what are your godly gifts? Earthquake, fire from the sky? Music, perhaps?

PEARL: Yes, music, music, yes...

FLAVIA: Ah, well, do, do favor us with a song. Lyre.

PEARL: What did you just call me? [Flavia holds up lyre] Oh, of course. Brainguyus, why don't you take the autoharp here, and I will take the gourd with a stick... [whispering] Help me, I can't play a lick!

OBSERVER: [whispering back] Just smile and play along. I'll save your bacon again. [resuming normal volume] Alright then, what shall we start with today? Maybe a bit of "Bitter Dregs" huh?


OBSERVER: Uh, we'll just jam and see what happens. Okay then.

[fiddling starts, playing a hoedown]

OBSERVER: Okay then.

PEARL: Here we go...

OBSERVER: We're going...

CALLIPYGEAS: Bye Jove, ha ha, truly this is the music of the gods! Wahoo! Ha ha! Come, let us dance.

FLAVIA: No, Callipygeas.

[begin playing "Seasons in the Sun"]

CALLIPYGEAS: [whispering] Come on, Flavia, it's the gods...

[they start dancing]

OBSERVER: Hoedown!

PEARL: Everybody!

[start playing "Hoe Down" from Aaron Copland's Rodeo, a.k.a. the "Beef, it's what's for dinner" song]

OBSERVER: In Asia Minor, it's a Spicy Beef Salad. In Pompeii, Sizzling Beef Potstickers. In Iconia, a rich kettle of Beef Stew. In Gaul, it's rich Beef Chateau Briand.

CALLIPYGEAS: Demigods, join us.

[on SOL]

TOM: Beef. It's what's for movie sign!

MIKE: Ahh, we got movie sign.

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