The MST Scrapbook is a video diary of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that starts from the original pilot episode and goes through the sixth season of the show. Included are many rare pieces of footage that have since been lost to the public, including the pilot and several KTMA-era bits, as well as the promotional tape sent to the Comedy Channel that sold the show.

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"The absolute best MST3K behind-the-scenes tape made for fans. It shows the evolution of the show from the KTMA season to the Comedy Central years (this was made in 1995, so no mention of the Sci-Fi Channel). Given the usual bleary, washed-out quality of all of the KTMA episodes out there in tradeland, it was great to see pristine clips from KTMA shows in this (the KTMA version of the show really wasn’t as low grade as it seems to appear in the washed-out tape dubs). In fact, clips of the unaired KTMA pilot are only available on this tape! In addition, this tape includes the hilarious Turkey Day bumpers from 1991 which feature Dr. F trying to take over the world while Frank entertains a bunch of guests for Thanksgiving. Also on this tape is footage of the move to Comedy Channel/Comedy Central (including behind-the-scenes shots of the building of the MST3K sets), footage of the 1992 MST Alive Convention, and footage the 1994 ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama. Note that none of this is narrated in any way with only occasional subtitles provide any indication of what is being shown. As a fan, this tape is a must-have. Also, if you’ve never seen a KTMA episode and are only a little curious about them, I recommend simply checking out this tape first before going to the trouble of acquiring dubs of any of those experiments."

This tape is no longer commercially available, although the KTMA bits and behind-the-scenes of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is available on two of the discs for Volume XV. According to Brian Ward (one of the members of Shout! Factory), the MST Scrapbook is impossible to be released in its entirety, due to too many legal clearance issues involved.

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