The Mads

TV's Frank and Dr. Forrester

The Mads is the term the Satellite of Love crew members use to collectively describe their mad scientist captors. The Mads can be roughly divided into seven configurations (with a few extra additions due to circumstances) based around the central Mads present at the time:


Category:Season K and Season 1

Season 2 - 6

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

MST3k The Mads - Final Seasons.jpg
Professor Bobo, Brain Guy and Pearl Forrester.
  • Dr. Clayton Forrester

Season 7

Season 8 - 10

Season 11 - 12

Kinga Forrester and Max
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live - The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour

The MST3K LIVE Social Distancing Riff-Along Special

  • Mega-Synthia


Mirror Universe

The Mads
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