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The Magic Sword is a 1962 fantasy film directed by Bert I. Gordon. It was co-written by Bert I. Gordon and Bernard C. Schoenfeld.


George is the foster son of Sybil, an elderly sorceress. She raised him after his royal parents died of the plague when he was an infant. He has fallen in love with Princess Helene, though they have never met.

Helene is kidnapped by the wizard Lodac, who brazenly informs her father that he intends to feed her to his pet dragon in seven days. George wants to go on a quest to liberate his lady love, but Sybil believes he is too young. She tries to distract the youth by showing him a magic sword, a steed, an invulnerable suit of armor, and six magically frozen knights whom he will command when he turns 21. The impatient George, however, tricks Sybil and locks her in a cellar, then leaves with the magical implements and revived company of knights.

Sir George and his party appear before the King and insist on journeying to Lodac's castle to rescue Helene, against the opposition of Sir Branton, a knight who had previously volunteered for the perilous quest. The King promises the rescuer his daughter's hand in marriage and half his kingdom.

Seven curses bar the path to Lodac's castle. First, they encounter an ogre, who slays Sir Ulrich of Germany and Sir Pedro of Spain. When George tries to save Sir Anthony of Italy from a swamp, Branton treacherously kicks him into the swamp as well. Anthony is killed, but George survives with the help of his magic sword.

Later, Branton meets secretly with Lodac. Branton is in possession of a magic ring that had belonged to Lodac which the magician wants back desperately. The kidnapping was planned by the two men in order to secure Helene as Branton's bride, in exchange for the return of the ring to Lodac. When Sir Dennis of France discovers Branton and Lodac together, Lodac prepares a trap. Mignonette, a beautiful Frenchwoman, distracts Sir Dennis, then suddenly turns into an ugly hag who attacks him. George arrives and saves Sir Dennis with his magic shield.

Lodac finally becomes aware that George is being aided by magic. He contacts Sybil and mocks her abilities. Insulted, she tries to cast a spell to help George, but inadvertently strips away all of his magical protections.

Sir Dennis and Sir James of Scotland perish when they reconnoiter ahead. Branton then leads George and Sir Patrick of Ireland into a trap, revealing his partnership with Lodac before sealing them in a cave with deadly green apparitions. Patrick enables George to escape at the cost of his own life.

George sneaks into Lodac's castle and rescues Helene, but they are soon captured. The magician gives Helene (actually the hag in disguise) to Branton. Once Lodac has his ring back, he uses magic to put Branton's head on a plaque on the wall. George is tied up, but escapes with the help of some shrunken prisoners. Sybil arrives and finally remembers the spell that restores George's powers, enabling him to slay the two-headed dragon and save Helene. Sybil steals the ring while Lodac is distracted. When the magician threatens the young couple with the seventh curse - himself - Sybil transforms herself into a large panther and kills him. The movie ends at Helene and George's wedding. When the six knights are returned alive, George's happiness is complete.



  • According to the Trivia section of, the Variety review dated April 11, 1962 provides a cast list which includes "Pinhead No.1" played by "Dick Kiel", indicating that actor Richard Kiel makes an un-credited appearance.
  • Stuntman/actor Leroy Johnson (Sir Ulrich of Germany) had his dialog dubbed by voice specialist Paul Frees.
  • Best Brains acknowledged (in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide) that "this is actually a pretty good movie."
  • The Magic Sword of this movie is the sword Ascalon which was indeed the weapon St. George used to slay a dragon in the legend upon which this movie was based (though in some versions it was a lance).
  • Like many movies based off myths and legends, many story elements were changed as well as adding new characters (like Lodac, Sybil and the mystical knights accompanying George) not from the original legend.

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MST3K Connections[]

  • Director, writer, producer, and special effects technician Bert I. Gordon was also director, writer, producer, and special effects technician for King Dinosaur, The Amazing Colossal Man, Earth vs the Spider, War of the Colossal Beast, Tormented, and Village of the Giants, as well as director, producer, and special effects technician for Beginning of the End.
  • Writer Bernard C. Schoenfeld was also writer for The Space Children.
  • Gary Lockwood also had an unspecified role in Kitten with a Whip.
  • Merritt Stone also portrayed Jack Flynn in Earth vs the Spider, a policeman in War of the Colossal Beast, the king in The Magic Sword, and the clergyman in Tormented.
  • Jack Kosslyn also portrayed a lieutenant in the board room in The Amazing Colossal Man, Mr. Fraser in Earth vs the Spider, and the newscaster in War of the Colossal Beast.
  • Paul Frees (voice of Sir Ulrich) also performed the voices of Frank Hubbard in Tormented, multiple characters in The Beatniks (as well as being director, writer, executive producer, and lyricist), the helicopter pilot in Beginning of the End, and Kalin in The Sword and the Dragon.
  • Angelo Rossitto (second dwarf) also portrayed Toby in The Corpse Vanishes.
  • Composer Richard Markowitz was also composer for Stranded in Space.
  • Cinematographer Paul Vogel was also cinematographer for Village of the Giants.
  • Production designer Franz Bachelin was also art director for Village of the Giants.
  • Set decorator George R. Nelson was also set decorator for Code Name: Diamond Head.
  • Production manager and assistant director Herbert E. Mendelson was also production manager and assistant director for War of the Colossal Beast.
  • Special effects technician Flora Gordon also did special effects for King Dinosaur (as well as wardrobe), The Amazing Colossal Man, Earth vs the Spider, War of the Colossal Beast, Tormented, Beginning of the End, and Village of the Giants.
  • Oscar Rodriguez was costumer for Stranded in Space and did wardrobe for I Was a Teenage Werewolf and The Phantom Planet.
  • Supervising editor Harry Gerstad was also editor for Rocketship X-M.
  • Dragon trainer Ross Wheat was also special prop constructor for Village of the Giants.
  • Animal supervisor Ralph Helfer was also associate producer and animal supervisor for King Dinosaur.