The Making of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the second behind-the-scenes special for Mystery Science Theater 3000; this one was made for MST3K's new home on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Act One: A quick introduction sums up the show and the special, followed by the gang riffing on the opening and a short behind-the-scenes clip from their own special. The Brains sum up the premise and plot of MST3K, the kinds of movies that are selected, and a history of the show from the KTMA years, covering Joel Hodgson's departure, Mike Nelson's takeover, and Trace Beaulieu leaving. The cast members also talk about each other's talents and skills during the segment.

Act Two: Mike and the Bots riff on some more behind-the-scenes footage. The special then moves on to talk about the writing process, how the theater segments are filmed,

Act Three: More riffing from Mike and the Bots, followed by a look at how the host segments are filmed and a summary of the Satellite of Love's adventures so far in Season 8. There is also information on the show's low-budget special effects and a closer look at the SOL set and the construction of the Bots.

Act Four: Mike and the Bots make fun of one of their own host segments. The next segment features a discussion of MST3K's fandom and why the show is still filmed in Minnesota. There follows a few more sound bites and behind-the-scenes shots before the credits roll, which Mike and the Bots return one last time to gleefully make fun of.


Brains Interviewed