Observer 1 (Paul Chaplin), Brain Guy (Bill Corbett) and Observer 2 (Michael J. Nelson).

The Observers are an alien race who claim to be hyper-intelligent. They have highly-developed mental abilities, and all share the name "Observer". The race also claims to be without bodies (despite obvious evidence to the contrary) and carry their bright-blue brains in large bowls, rather than inside their (supposedly nonexistent) skulls.

They all claim to be omniscient and omnipotent, but they frequently fail to demonstrate these supposed abilities. In one of their earlier appearances, The Observers administer a series of tests to Pearl Forrester, Bobo, and the residents of Satellite of Love to see if any of them are deserving to become one of their kind. The Observer that later came to be known as Brain Guy is surprised when Tom Servo scores higher than he had, which leads to Brain Guy being painfully punished.

Later the Observer homeworld is accidentally destroyed by Mike Nelson and Observer Brain Guy joins Pearl Forrester as one of the Mads.

In time, the survivors are able to reconstitute their planet (as stated in Experiment 905 The Deadly Bees). Observers 1 & 2 tracked Brain Guy through time and space to Castle Forrester, where they attempt to take him back to their planet and blow up the Earth as they left. Brain Guy initially agrees, but later changes his mind and (with the help of Pearl and Bobo) separates his former comrades from their brains. He then changes them into Wisconsinites and sends them off to a life of cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

A group of Observers (not including the two that Brain Guy banished) attend Kinga Forrester's wedding to Jonah Heston (which is disrupted by Jonah's apparent death at the hands of Max and Reptilicus Metallicus).


  • The Observers bear some resemblance to the Talosians, a race of beings with highly-advanced mental abilities seen in the unaired Star Trek pilot episode "The Cage". The Observers' abilities are also similar to those demonstrated by members of the Q Continuum, another group from the Star Trek franchise. The brains in pans is also reminiscent of the Providers from the episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion".
  • According to Beez McKeever[1], the Observers' costumes utilized vintage church robes with a "Peter Pan collar", a gathered yoke, and bell sleeves. She also included "arm warmers" made with white tube socks so Bill Corbett didn't have to wear makeup on his arms.
There were also cotton, elastic waist- basically pajama pants under the robe. And they might have had brown sandals with socks. A MSTie wrote in complaining about Mike wearing socks with sandals in a scene so I made a point of bringing that look back where I could.