The Pretty Lady is a space-faring vessel that appeared several times during Season 12. It is black with red flames painted on it, as well as a snarling face similar to many WWII bomber places. It is piloted by Dr. Laurence Erhardt.

The Pretty Lady was built by Dr. Clayton Forrester at some unknown time in the past. Kinga Forrester recognized the ship and claimed that it rightfully belonged to her. Dr. Erhardt explained that Dr. Clayton Forrester had bequeathed the ship to him on the condition that Erhardt scatter Dr. Forrester's ashes on the planet Mearth while playing the song "Idiot Control Now".


Dr. Erhardt contacting Moon 13 aboard The Pretty Lady.

Dr. Erhardt used The Pretty Lady to take the ashes of Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank (as he did not want to separate the two) from the Gizmonic Institute. He then visited Kinga at Moon 13 to acquire the appropriate music. The Pretty Lady was last seen flying toward a red planet, presumably Mearth.


  • Dr. Erhardt made reference to having been on a journey of self-discovery (which worked out pretty well), during which he met aliens and overthrew empires. It was not specified how much of this journey was taken in The Pretty Lady, or when he took possession of the ship.