For the episode, see MST3K 202 - The Side Hackers.


The film centers around Rommel, a mechanic/sidehack-style racer, who turns down the offer of J.C., a hot-tempered entertainer, to join his act after J.C. witnesses a sidehack race for the first time. During this time, J.C.'s abused girlfriend, Paisley, falls for Rommel and attempts to seduce him. He rejects her advances and sends her away crying.

Later, when J.C. and his crew return to their hotel, they find Paisley drunk and her clothes tattered, claiming that Rommel raped her. Angered, J.C. and his gang beat Rommel unconscious and kill his fiancee, Rita. Rommel then spends the rest of the movie plotting his revenge against J.C., who goes into hiding from the police.

After both Rommel and J.C.'s men have killed each other (while two of Rommel's men escaped on a sidehack bike), the two men brawl. When Rommel manages to gain the upper hand, he elects to walk away when the police are about to arrive, but J.C. picks up a gun and shoots Rommel from behind.



  • Goldie Hawn (who was the wife of director Gus Trikonis at the time) appears as an uncredited spectator at the race in the beginning of the film. She had auditioned earlier for the role of Paisley.
  • The principal shooting for this film was done on weekends.
  • Directorial debut of Gus Trikonis.
  • Mike Curb wrote the music and all of the songs for the film.
  • Claire Polan, who played Paisley, was Ross Hagen's wife.

MST3K Connections[]

  • Director Gus Trikonis was also director for The Hellcats (in which he also portrayed Scorpio).
  • Writer Tony Huston was also writer and assistant director for The Hellcats and portrayed Culver's sergeant in Attack of the the Eye Creatures.
  • Actor and producer Ross Hagen also portrayed Monte in The Hellcats.
  • Michael Pataki also portrayed Tony Sicota in Superdome and Sergeant Ward in It Lives by Night.
  • Richard Merrifield also portrayed Dean in The Hellcats.
  • Robert Tessier also portrayed Chief Thor in Starcrash.
  • Actor and production manager Eric Lidberg (Tork) also portrayed Hiney in The Hellcats (for which he was also production manager).
  • Actor and second assistant director Tony Lorea (announcer) also portrayed Six Pack in The Hellcats.
  • Warren Hammack (mechanic) also portrayed the attorney in The Hellcats and Lt. Robertson in Attack of the the Eye Creatures.
  • Composer and song writer Mike Curb was also song writer for Mac and Me.
  • Composer and song writer Jerry Styner was also composer and song writer for Mitchell.