The Skeleton Crew, also referred to in show credits as Boneheads, are Kinga Forrester's minions on Moon 13 who were originally intended by her to be "a race of atomic supermen who would conquer the world", but ended up functioning as a ska type musical group. Their motorcycle helmets have two bones protruding out in a formation reminiscent of TV "rabbit ears" antennae.

The Skeleton Crew serve as the show's band, led by Har Mar Superstar. During breaks, they play instrumental versions of classic MST3K songs (such as "Livin' in Deep 13" and "The Canada Song") as bumpers while Max offers humorous observations on the movie and shares trivia about Kinga's operations and inventions.

In addition to providing a toe-tapping soundtrack, the Skeleton Crew serves as Kinga's henchmen. They push Jonah into the tube during the opening and also are seen wrangling Moon 14's genetically-engineered dinosaurs for Kinga's short-lived Mesozoic Ranch Dinosaur BBQ restaurant. Two members of the Crew are responsible for putting the Liquid TV vial of the finished episode into a board behind Kinga and Max at the end of each episode.

During the Watch Out for Snakes! Tour, it was revealed that the real name of the Skeleton Crew member listed in the credits as Bonehead #2 is Terry.

Their outfits bear a strong resemblance to the skeletal foot soldiers from the Chinese superhero film Super Inframan.

During Episode 1301, Kinga announced that Moon 13 had been flooded, but she speculated that the Boneheads were probably OK. It remains to be seen if any Boneheads/Skeleton Crew members will relocate to Moon 1.

List of Skeleton Crew bumper/credits songs[]