For the MST3K episode, see MST3K 515 - The Wild Wild World of Batwoman.
This is Batwoman speaking to you, whoever you are! I have a simple warning that you've taken on much more than you'll be able to handle.
- Batwoman

The Wild Wild World of Batwoman is a 1966 superhero film directed by Jerry Warren.



The Wild Wild World of Batwoman

The Ayjax Corporation has invented an atomic-powered hearing aid capable of eavesdropping on conversations taking place anywhere. When they attempt to secure a patent for it, the federal government orders them to destroy the invention within fifteen days. That period has elapsed and they have not done so, placing the corporation in legal jeopardy.

Batwoman is a crime fighter with a legion of female assistants who aid her in combating evil. They communicate with wrist-radios. The Ayjax corporation contracts with Batwoman and her team to safeguard the hearing aid.

Ratfink is a criminal mastermind and Batwoman's longtime nemesis. He and his scientist subordinate Professor Octavius Neon have learned of the listening device and are determined to acquire it as it will bring them "unheard of power and riches". With the assistance of Octavius' psychoactive “happy pill” (which causes involuntary dancing), they pursue their sinister designs and manage to acquire the hearing aid.


The Batwoman

Batwoman must retrieve the device, as well as one of her kidnapped bat-girls. Batwoman finds and confronts Ratfink, resulting in his identity being revealed, as well as an atomic explosion.



  • D.C. Comics, which owns the rights to the characters Batman and Batgirl, sued Associated Distributors Productions (aka A.D.P. Pictures) for copyright infringement. ADP won the lawsuit. After the popularity of the Batman TV series waned, the film was re-released as She Was a Hippy Vampire.
  • Most of Batwoman's Bat-girls were cast when the strip club they were working at was raided by the police one night and closed down. The casting director showed up in front of the club as it was being closed and offered them all work in the film.
  • Katherine Victor created the Batwoman costume herself, since Jerry Warren would not hire a costume designer. She made the bat insignia with a cardboard cutout, outlined it on her chest with a drawing pencil, and filled it in with black eyeliner.[1]
  • Late in the movie, some of the underground scenes were re-used from The Mole People, a film which co-starred Alan Napier (who later played Alfred on the 1960s Batman TV show) and was featured in Season 8.
  • Katherine Victor, George Mitchell, and Richard Banks would all appear in another Jerry Warren film - Frankenstein Island - which later became a Rifftrax presentation.
  • Katherine Victor had been in several movies produced by Jerry Warren previous to this one, and was reluctant to work with Warren again. Warren persuaded her to take the role by promising that the movie would be a major production, shot in color, and Victor would even get her own "bat boat" as part of it. None of those promises came to fruition.
  • The is no connection between this film and The Batwoman.

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