The hallway as it appeared between Seasons 1 and 5.

The theater hallway leads from the Bridge of The Satellite of Love to the Mystery Science Theater. The hallway is entered through a huge door located behind the counter on the Bridge. Inside the hallway there are series of doors, typically numbered six to one. Cambot is usually the only character who actually uses the hallway to get from the bridge to the theater and back between the host segments and movie segments. When he passes through the hallway, the doors either open or close in front of him, depending on where he is going. The other characters usually use another unseen entrance. Joel did travel down the hallway during Experiment #K11 and #105. Mike later did it during the experiment involving This Island Earth and Experiment #1001.


Door Sequence[]

The doors have changed in appearance over time. There have been six distinct sequences of doors, with two variations.

  1. The pilot
  2. Season K
  3. Season 1 through the first half of Season 5 (recreated for Season 13)
  4. The second half of Season 5 through Season 10
  5. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
  6. Season 11 and Season 12 (recreated for Season 13)


Season K[]

Season 1 - Episode #512[]

Season 13 version[]

Episode #513 - Season 10[]

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie[]

Season 11 & 12[]

6) A door that opens forming a laundry room

5) A door that opens forming a bathroom

4) A door that opens forming a kitchen

3) A door that opens forming a bedroom

2) A door that opens forming a workshop/office (presumably Jonah's Fab Lab)

1) A door that opens forming a garage

Season 13 version[]


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