Thought Spiral is a podcast co-hosted by comedians J. Elvis Weinstein and Andy Kindler. It was started in the spring of 2017.

The podcast has a conversational format, often diverging into tangents. Thus far, it has not featured guests.

Each episode is entitled "Test Show", with a number after it.

In December on 2020, the hosts of Thought Spiral joined the Mads for the introductory segment of the streaming riff of Santa Claus vs. the Devil. They also participated in a Q&A session after the movie.

Notable episodes

  • Test Show #39 (from February 2018) features J. Elvis Weinstein talking at some length about his experiences with Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • Test Show #50 (from April 2018) includes an audio recording of Andy and Josh interacting during a live Cartoon Dump show from 2013.


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