Timmy is a mysterious all-black double of Crow who appeared during episode 416. Crow claimed that Timmy was the friend that he had prayed for. Timmy only communicated by speaking very softly to Crow, who would then convey his (often vulgar) messages.

Timmy began playing tricks on Tom Servo and Joel, who would then blame Crow for Timmy's actions. He eventually joined them in the theater during the movie and began biting and hitting Tom with his head. Provoked, Tom tried to push Timmy out of the way, but Timmy abducted Tom, muffled his cries for help, dragged him from the theater and cocooned him in a manner similar to the xenomorph from Alien.

Realizing that Timmy was a threat, Joel and Crow confronted him and stuffed him into the airlock, blasting him out of the ship and into space. Timmy later appeared in Deep 13, having been found by Frank. Timmy bit Frank on the finger with a second mouth inside his beak.

Behind the Scenes[]

According to the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, Timmy was the result of the writers deciding to create some host segments around the black Crow puppet that was used to shoot theater segments. The black Servo puppet would later be used as the "Tom Star Show" Servo in episode 609.

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