MST3k- Antonio Sabato as Toblerone in Escape 2000

Tolberone as he appears in Escape 2000 as portrayed by Antonio Sabato.

Toblerone is a gang leader with a cocky Italian accent and overbearing presence in Experiment 705 Escape 2000. The character's actual name is Dablone; however, when Trash says his name in the film, it sounds like "Toblone", which Mike hears as "Toblerone", as in the candy bar. As a result, Mike and the Bots refer to him as such for the remainder of the experiment (much as Joel and the Bots referred to Pilot Pete as "Pile-On Pete" in Experiment 510 The Painted Hills).

In the edited version seen on MST3K, Toblerone's fate is left up in the air (unlike the uncut version where he is clearly seen being shot to death by Henry Silva's character).

MST3k- ESCAPE 2000 Mike's Guest Role as Toblerone

Toblerone in the end host segment (Played by Michael J. Nelson).

He later shows up and disrupt's Dr. Forrester's operations and frees the mad scientist's mother Pearl from her isolated captivity after causing more of a ruckus.

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