Tom Servo's room is an area of residence on the Satellite of Love obviously from Tom Servo, (its location in the SOL is uncertain, though theoretically it is to the right of The Bridge). 

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Tom Servo's (very messy) room

Its first (and only) appearance is in the MST3K Movie where it is shown to be a cluttered mess, filled with Servo's men's underwear collection, toys, photographs and writings of himself, food items and many other things.

In the room is apparently an Interociter (similar to the movie This Island Earth which was being played in the Theater during the movie) which Mike and Crow spends a lot of time looking for it with a hint of difficulty (thanks to Servo's cluttered room).

Servo apparently keeps a mannequin for power outages, probably in his room. He threw it into Mike's window when the power went out for ten seconds in The Final Sacrifice.


The inside of the room has the following items:

  • An Interociter
  • A racecar-shaped bed
  • Underwear collection
  • 'Do Not Enter', 'No Girls Allowed', a July 'Servo' license plate, and two pictures of himself on his door
  • Peanut brittle
  • Monkees album
  • Shoestring potatoes
  • Two cans of Hamdingers
  • A Spirograph
  • A sweatsock
  • An Etch-A-Scetch
  • A Broken Trackball
  • Tamales
  • A chainsaw
  • A 'Servo Rules!' banner
  • A dartboard
  • A collection of lamps (at least five)
  • A mannequin (presumably)

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