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Tom Servo's (very messy) room

Tom's room is the room on The Satellite of Love where Tom Servo stays. Its exact location is uncertain, though theoretically it is just off of the Bridge

During the This Island Earth experiment, Mike Nelson and Crow T. Robot, inspired by the film they are being forced to watch go with Tom to his room to search for Tom's Interociter. They find it to be a cluttered mess, filled with Servo's men's underwear collection, toys, photographs and writings of himself, food items and many other things.


The inside of the room has the following items:

  • An Interociter
  • A racecar-shaped bed
  • Underwear collection
  • 'Do Not Enter', 'No Girls Allowed', a July 'Servo' license plate, and two pictures of himself on his door
  • Peanut brittle
  • Monkees album
  • Shoestring potatoes
  • Two cans of Hamdingers
  • A Spirograph
  • A sweatsock
  • An Etch-A-Scetch
  • A Broken Trackball
  • Tamales
  • A chainsaw
  • A 'Servo Rules!' banner
  • A dartboard
  • A collection of lamps (at least five)
  • A mannequin (presumably)

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