Tom Serv-Crow is a Funko Pop Vinyl released in 2017. He is based on the mold of the Crow T. Robot Pop Vinyl with a paint job reminiscent of Tom Servo, hence the name.

Behind the Scenes

Tom Serv-Crow was created to be the "Mystery Gift" for the Kickstarter campaign that funded Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The mystery gift was conceived to be a replacement for the DVD/Blu-ray as a reward for people who did not want the physical media. Those who wished to have both could switch their reward to the mystery gift and buy the DVD/Blu-ray separately.

The production quantity was 2,900, which was believed to be enough to cover all backers.

In advance of the gift being shipped to backers, an unknown quantity of Serv-Crows were released to the general public, which was not intended. These were sold through various online stores, with many orders ultimately being cancelled. Copies shipped to retail lack the "#WeBroughtBackMST3K" sticker on the front, as well as the signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

An unknown number of Kickstarter backers did not receive their expected gift due to an error. Ivan Askwith stated that they would figure out a solution for the affected backers.


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