Tony Cardoza in The Skydivers

"Well, for a cheap movie, and considering how we did it, I think it stands up. It's played on Mystery Science Theater and people pirate it, so SOMEbody's got to like it! I think it holds up pretty good. We worked hard on it. Mostly my money! I did all the raising of money and all the paying. I paid and paid and paid [laughs], using my welding salary. It was a learning process, and it became a cult classic. I think it was a little bit better quality-wise than Ed Wood's movies! [Laughs] But I don't knock Ed Wood and I don't knock Coleman. When I started, I didn't know beans about movies. So I have to praise them. If Ed Wood had the money and backing behind him, he would have been a top-notch producer-director."
  — Tony Cardoza, B-Monster interview talking about The Beast of Yucca Flats

Anthony "Tony" Cardoza (1930-2015) was an American actor and film producer. He has worked on over a dozen films, but is perhaps best known for his three collaborations with Coleman Francis in the 1960s: The Beast of Yucca Flats, The Skydivers, and Night Train To Mundo Fine (aka Red Zone Cuba). He also appeared in and was an associate producer for the Edward D. Wood Jr. film Night of the Ghouls.

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