I am Torgo. I take care of the place when the Master is away.
- Torgo's opening lines.

Torgo is a satyr who serves as caretaker to the home of The Master and a servant of the god "Manos".


Torgo pizza

Torgo's Pizza delivers

At the end of Episode #424, Torgo arrives at Deep 13 delivering pizza. TV's Frank asks about their drinks and Torgo begins to leave to retrieve them from the car. Frank notes that, despite the delay, the pizza is (disturbingly) still warm, leading him (and Dr. Forrester) to spit out the pizza.

Later, during Episode #508, Torgo finally returns to Deep 13 with the sodas, although Frank has to be convinced to drink his regular Mr. PiBB.

After firing Frank at the beginning of Episode #523, Dr. Forrester hires Torgo as Frank's replacement. Torgo appears to be the perfect henchman, but Frank manages to get his job back by tricking Torgo into doing something unsavory to Dr. Forrester, who kicks him out in a fit of rage.

During Episode #614, Mike Nelson's Urkel impression amuses everyone who sees it until Torgo kills the moment by noting that he doesn't really think Urkel is that funny

After Frank becomes a high-powered agent during Episode #620, he takes on Torgo as a client.

Torgo white

Torgo the White

Finally, Torgo appears to Frank as "Torgo the White" and takes him to Second Banana Heaven in Episode #624.



  • In the 2008 Cinematic Titanic performance of The Wasp Woman, Frank Conniff quips "Torgo music doesn't really work without Torgo..." when the film's soundtrack becomes reminiscent of the music from Manos.
  • In August 2014, RiffTrax noted in their VOD riff of Dinosaurus! that one of the main bearded characters resembled Torgo and continued to refer to him by that name throughout the rest of the riff.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Torgo: I am Torgo. I take care of the place while the Master is away.
  • Torgo: There is no way out of here. It'll be dark soon. There is no way out of here.
  • Torgo: The Master wants you, but he can't have you! I want you!
  • Maggie: Stop that talk this instant, do you hear!
  • Torgo: He wants you, but he can't have you!
  • Torgo: (to the First Wife) You, you're the worst! You were his first wife! He doesn't want you anymore, and now even I don't want you!
  • Torgo: Large sausage and mushroom, thin crust?
  • TV's Frank: That's us.
  • Torgo: The total is $14.50, please... Do you have anything smaller, I only carry $20 in change?
  • Torgo: Thank you very much sir, let me just get your complimentary crazy bread... (starts to pull it from his pants)
  • The Mads: NO! No, no that's okay.
  • TV's Frank: Hey, what about our pop?
  • Torgo: I-I left it in th-the car. I'll b-be right ba-back..
  • Dr. Forrester: (groans) Until next time, Joel... push the... button, Frank...
  • TV's Frank: (eating) Say, you know it's been two hours but it's still kinda warm!

(The Mads look at each other, then spit out the pizza)

  • Torgo: ThEY alWAys Do THAat...
  • Torgo: I...I gotta say, I'VE...NEveR beEn a bIG UrkEL faN...