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On Thanksgiving Day of 2014, Shout! Factory ran their second iteration of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day marathon due to the overwhelming popularity of Turkey Day '13. It was hosted by Joel Hodgson as himself, accompanied by Trace Beaulieu as the voice of Crow T. Robot and Josh Weinstein as the voice of Tom Servo (with Grant Baciocco and Russ Walko operating the puppets, respectively).

Six episodes were shown online in real-time on both the Shout! Factory website and on YouTube. In between the experiments, they played new host segments and clips from the "Turkey Day" box set, as well as commercials for other box sets. A promotional spot for the RiffTrax live riff of Santa Claus (previously used as Experiment #521) was also shown, featuring Kevin Murphy.

Prior to the official start of Turkey Day '14 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time), repeated showings of Manos: The Hands of Fate were played as a test run.

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Joel introduces himself and the Bots, then brings up a Wheel of Fortune-styled board revealing the first film's title.

12:00 - The Magic Voyage of Sinbad

Trace, Frank Conniff, and Joel discuss their Thanksgiving memories.

After amazing Tom and Crow with the catfish puppet again, Joel brings up another Wheel of Fortune board with the film's title.

1:45 - The Giant Spider Invasion

Trace, Frank, and Joel discuss the concept and making of Turkey Day '91.

Joel demonstrates the "wonder" of stop-motion animation with Crow and Tom as he segues into the next movie.

3:30 - Lost Continent

A look back at Turkey Day '92.

Joel gives out a hint to the next film's identity through a scrambled word puzzle... sort of.

5:15 - Laserblast

Reminiscing on Turkey Day '95 and the host of guests invited.

Crow and Tom fight over the Laserblaster while Joel offers a musical clue to the next film.

7:00 - Pod People

Trace, Frank, and Joel conclude their Turkey Day retrospect

Joel plays a game of "The MST3000 Pyramid", announcing the final movie of the marathon

8:35 - The Pumaman

Crow and Tom attempt to hypnotize the viewers with their own Aztec mask as Joel wraps up the show.


  • The Host Segments featured Joel (as himself rather than the Joel Robinson character) preparing to leave an office-like workplace which he shares with Crow and Tom Servo (in a premise somewhat similar to The Film Crew). This led to some fan speculation at the time of a what format a rumored revival series of Mystery Science Theater 3000 might take (but eventually did not).
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon 2014 COMPLETE!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon 2014 COMPLETE!

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