One of the bumpers shown during Turkey Day 91', featuring the logo for that year.

Turkey Day '91 is the first annual Thanksgiving marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes run on Comedy Central. It aired from midnight, November 28 to 6:00 AM on November 29, 1991.

Fifteen episodes were shown in all, and were backed by segments featuring TV's Frank's attempt to throw a Thanksgiving dinner party in Deep 13. In addition, bumpers featuring the Satellite of Love crew engaging in Thanksgiving skits were shown during commercial breaks.


November 28

November 29

Host Segments


MST3K - Turkey Day '91

Dr. Forrester is fixated on showing MST3K episodes to televisions across the world and is trying not to get distracted by Thanksgiving.


Bumper One: Joel and the Bots sing about Turkey Day.

Bumper Two: Joel explains Turkey Day.

Bumper Three: Tom Servo: "Hey, did you know that Puritans used to beat up Quakers?"

Bumper Four: Joel shows us a turkey baister.

Bumper Five: Crow doesn't say his line on time. "Hi, you're- Oh, shoot."

Bumper Six: Gypsy forgets her line.

Bumper Seven: Servo announces Turkey Day, then flubs his line when he tries it again.

Bumper Eight: Servo gets his line right.

Bumper Nine: Joel: "The count is five down and the amount is $125".

Bumper Ten: Crow: "Turkey Fact No. 12: If you leave turkeys out in the rain, they'll drown. Stupid jerks."

Bumper 11: Servo fruitlessly tries to get Gypsy to say her line.

Bumper 12: Servo as Myles Standish.

Bumper 13: Joel: "These are potato buds, this is a turkey baister; be careful".

Bumper 14: "Turkey Fact No. 12: Turkeys are filled with enough L-Tryptophan to knock you on your sorry Thanksgiving ass".

Bumper 15: Gypsy: "Go" (At least, I think that's what she says)

Bumper 16: Joel recommends the best cooking method for turkey.

Bumper 17: Crow: "Turkey Fact No. 12: Turkeys would rather walk through an electric fence than around it. Ha ha. They're so stupid".

Bumper 18: Joel: "Don't be afraid to say no to organ meats this holiday season".

Bumper 19: Crow has his turkey beak on top of his normal one. Servo: "You look like the goose from Red Goose Shoes"

Bumper 20: Time of the Apes.

Bumper 21: Wild Rebels.

Bumper 22: Do the Alamo!

Bumper 23: The Amazing Colossal Man.

Bumper 24: The SoL Crew have a turkey sent up to them. Servo: "The turkey survived a dose of radiation, what is the big deal?!"

Bumper 25: The SoL crew, ready to eat their turkey, announce Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, and Joel makes the international symbol of all things that taste good: :P

Bumpers 26 and 27: Joel and Crow talk over a sleeping Servo (who clearly enjoyed the turkey) about Pod People.

Bumper 28: "He tried to kill me with a forklift!" Yes, it's Fugitive Alien!

Bumper 29: Catalina Caper.


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