TD92 SOLbumper2

The second SOL crew bumper segment from Turkey Day '92.


One of the recycled bumpers shown during Turkey Day '92, featuring the logo for that year.

Turkey Day '92 was the second Turkey Day marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. It aired on Comedy Central from 6:00 PM, November 25 to 12:30 AM on November 27, 1992.

Fifteen episodes were shown in all, and were backed by segments showing Dr. Clayton Forrester force-feeding TV's Frank a turkey themed to each episode. In addition, the bumpers featuring the Satellite of Love crew engaging in Thanksgiving skits from Turkey Day '91 were re-shown during commercial breaks, along with twelve new bumpers made for this year's marathon. The half-hour special This Is MST3K repeated after the last episode aired.

It was the first Turkey Day marathon to feature an episode premiere with two of them, Episode #415 - The Beatniks, which was the first episode shown, debuting at 6:00pm on November 25, and Episode #416 - Fire Maidens from Outer Space, the last episode shown, debuting at 10pm on November 26 (Thanksgiving Day).


November 25[]

November 26[]

November 27[]

Host Segments[]

TD92 opening

TV's Frank is presented with his first turkey from the "turkey abacus".

Segment One: Dr. Forrester greets viewers and sums up Turkey Day. To add to the excitement, Frank has been strapped into a giant high-chair, and Dr. F will be forcefeeding him a themed turkey that represents each episode. The Beatniks Turkey has a beret and goatee; Frank looks ready to dive in.

Segment Two: The remains of The Beatniks Turkey is displayed as Frank dabs as his mouth with a napkin. Dr. F presents the be-shurikened Master Ninja I Turkey, to which Frank confidently replies, "I think it would be fun to eat another turkey."

Segment Three: Frank is still feeling pretty good, so Dr. F hands him the Space Travelers Turkey, appropriately packaged in space food bags; pureed giblets are included, much to Frank's displeasure.

Segment Four: Welcome to Com-poopie Central! Dr. F presents the Lost Continent dish, which in lieu of a turkey is instead a Cesar Romero salad.

Segment Five: Frank picks his teeth with a credit card and goes over the rules for this Turkey Day as Dr. F presents the City Limits Turkey, complete with switchblade. Frank says he's comfortably full, but Dr. F insists. Frank: "Well, it is Thanksgiving after all..."

Segment Six: The impressive Viking Women and the Sea Serpent Flambé Turkey is brought forth. Frank: "Is it okay to yell 'turkey' in a crowded theater?"

Segment Seven: The Giant Gila Monster Turkey is prepared. It tastes just like chicken!

Segment Eight: Frank is finally feeling the effects of all that turkey. He groans and cries when Dr. F presents a big bowl of King Dinosaur Turkey.

Segment Nine: Dr. F excitedly presents Frank with the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Turkey instead of a real present. Frank wails in anguish.

Segment Ten: Frank sobs out the next greeting. Dr. F dubs Frank "Sir Eats-a-Lot" with the carving knife from The Magic Sword Turkey.

Segment Eleven: Dr. F boosts Frank's confidence like a boxing coach. The Teenagers from Outer Space Turkey is used as a punching bag, much to Forrester's dismay.

Segment Twelve: Frank snoozes because of the tryptophan before Dr. F wakes him to give him the Hercules Unchained Turkey. He is dismayed he has to eat under the loincloth, too.

Segment Thirteen: Dr. F helps a passed-out Frank stuff down The Unearthly Turkey. "What we have here is a failure to masticate!"

Segment Fourteen: Frank seems to have recovered and is hungry for turkey. Dr. F presents him with the Gamera vs. Guiron. Frank, in a squeaky voice: "Gamera has good meat and is a friend to children!" Forrester actually looks disturbed.

Segment Fifteen: The final turkey is presented for Fire Maidens of Outer Space, which Frank has already started on. Dr. F counted on Frank giving up so he could have some turkey too, and asks for a bit. Frank: "Get your own."

Segment Sixteen: Frank, having finished all fifteen turkeys, garnering congratulations from Dr. F, is ready for bed. Dr. F tries to convince him to stay up to watch This is MST3K. Frank: "It sounds like you're saying we're just characters on some low-budget cable show."


Note: Only bumpers original to this Turkey Day have been included here; some bumpers from Turkey Day '91 were also shown.

Bumper One: Tom Servo greets viewers by noting they are watching The Beatniks, the first episode in the marathon, and adds, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"

Bumper Two: Crow notes viewers are watching show number two, Master Ninja I, and eeriely adds, "It's only begun to bite..."

Bumper Three: The SOL gang reminds everyone that Space Travelers is still on and apologizes to Gene Hackman, noting they really do like him.

Bumper Four: Gypsy notes it's getting late, and Lost Continent viewers may want to get a blanket and some cocoa during the break.

Bumper Five: Crow: "If you're taping, this is a good time to pause!"

Bumper Six: Crow: "You're watching Turkey Day at Comedy Central. Beats the hell out of mincemeat, don't it?"

Bumper Seven: The SOL crew delivers a stilted greeting. They are not impressed and decide to do another take.

Bumper Eight: Gypsy: "You're watching Turkey Day at Comedy Central. You know, cleaning up isn't just a girl's job!"

MST3K Turkey Day 92 Remastered 9-47 screenshot

Bumper Nine: Servo: "You're watching Turkey Day at Comedy Central. Now might be a good time to check on your mom."

Bumper Ten: Servo reminds viewers they are watching Teenagers from Outer Space and over twenty-one hours into the marathon before making some strange noises.

Bumper Eleven: Joel: "Hey, you're watching Turkey Day at Comedy Central. Thanks for hanging in there with us!"

Bumper Twelve: Joel reminds viewers that they are watching the final movie of the marathon, the world premiere of Fire Maidens of Outer Space.


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