The logo for Turkey Day '93.

Turkey Day '93 was the third Turkey Day marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. It aired on Comedy Central from 6:00pm, November 24 to 2:00 am on November 26, 1993.

Sixteen episodes were shown in all. Comedy Central offered the Brains a miniscule amount of money to make the sketches shown between episodes that had been featured in the previous years, so the Brains turned them down. Instead, Comedy Central arranged to film introductions and bumpers at the Halloween party of MSTie Debbie Tobin, where several MSTies from various on-line services were in attendance. Comedy Central provided a catered dinner for the occasion, but many party-goers reported that the crew spent so much time filming it that little of it was edible.

The episode premiere was Episode #517 - Beginning of the End, which was the last episode shown, debuting at 10:00pm on November 25 (Thanksgiving Day).

At the time (and for many years afterwards), it was the longest of the Turkey Day marathons. It will be surpassed by Turkey Day '23.


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