The logo for Turkey Day '94.

Turkey Day '94 was the fourth Turkey Day marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. It aired on Comedy Central from 8:00pm, November 23 to 10:00pm on November 24 (Thanksgiving Day), 1994.

Fourteen episodes were shown in all. As in the previous year, Comedy Central offered the Brains a small amount of money to make sketches to present each episode, and again the Brains turned them down. Comedy Central then hired Adam West (who appears in Zombie Nightmare (film)) to host the marathon. In each introductory segment, West would cook a turkey that was thematically-linked to the episode, much as the Mads had done during Turkey Day '92. He also appeared in some of the bumpers shown during commercial breaks.

In addition to West, actors who had appeared in other MST3K movies made special appearances to introduce episodes. Robert Vaughn helped introduce #315 - Teenage Cave Man. Beverly Garland touched upon all three episodes in which her films appeared; #311 - It Conquered the World, #503 - Swamp Diamonds and #511 - Gunslinger. Mamie Van Doren appeared following Episode #601 - Girls Town and introduced Episode #316 - Gamera vs. Zigra (in which she does not appear). In addition, Garland and Van Doren appeared in some of the bumpers.


November 23[]

November 24[]