For the episode, see MST3K 207 - Wild Rebels.
That square bugs me... He really bugs me!
- Banjo

Wild Rebels is a 1967 biker drama directed by William Grefé.


Stock car driver Rod Tillman decides to quit racing after a crash. Dejected, he goes to a bar where he encounters a small biker gang who call themselves Satan's Angels. The gang is led by the erudite Jeeter, and consists of the hot-tempered Banjo, the mute Fats, and the beautiful and talented Linda. The gang invites Rod to join them at their hideout, where they attempt to recruit him as their getaway driver in an bank heist that they have planned. Rod refuses and the gang allows him to leave. Jeeter is certain that Rod will reconsider.

Rod is approached by police lieutenant Dorn, who wants him to accept the gang's offer and report on their activities. Rod agrees. In order to convince the bikers that Rod is genuinely interested in joining their gang, the police set up another race in which Rod crashes. Rod joins the gang and is takes up residence with them. Rod communicates with the police by burying hidden messages and signaling to officers with a cigarette lighter.

The gang robs a local gun store, shooting the proprietor in the process. Back at the hideout, Rod is excluded while Jeeter, Fats, and Banjo plan their bank robbery. Linda is sent outside to watch Rod, who serenades her with the song "I Like What I Know About You". Linda reveals that she participates in the gang's crimes for the thrill of the action, which she refers to as "kicks". Rod and Linda kiss, which angers Banjo. Rod and Banjo fight, with Rod emerging victorious.

The next day, the gang targets the Citrusville National Bank for robbery. Waiting outside in the getaway vehicle, Rod signals a passing police car and informs the officers that the bank is being robbed. Banjo witnesses this from the bank window and shoots the police officers with a shotgun. He informs Jeeter that Rod has betrayed the gang. The armed bikers get into the car and force Rod to drive them away.

The gang is pursued by police and gunshots are exchanged. The getaway car's gas tank is struck by a bullet, forcing the gang to abandon the vehicle and take shelter in an abandoned lighthouse. Banjo attempts to escape on a police motorcycle and is shot dead. Fats tries to make his way to the top of the lighthouse to shoot at the police, but he is shot and killed as well. Rod rushes up the stairs to try to get Fats' gun, and Jeeter pursues him. Rod is shot in the arm, and a laughing Jeeter prepares to kill Rod with a shotgun blast. Jeeter is then shot in the back, and Rod sees that it was Linda who has saved his life. Linda laments to Rod about how it was "all for kicks" before being arrested. Rod and Lieutenant Dorn walk off together.


  • Steve Alaimo as Rod Tillman
  • Willie Pastrano as Banjo
  • John Vella as Jeeter
  • Bobbie Byers as Linda
  • Jeff Gillen as Fats
  • Walter R. Philbin as Lt. Dorn
  • Seymour A. Eisenfeld as Walt Simpson


  • Originally conceived as a stock car race film.
  • Shot in fifteen days.
  • Some of the stuntmen were real-life members of the Hell's Angels biker gang.
  • Much of the promotional material for this film gives the title as The Wild Rebels. The film's title card (as used on MST3K) does not include the word "The".