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A spaceship that was part of a caravan of ships heading to their own world after surviving a cataclysm and saving several of the local Centaurians (who are all played by Asian actors) is hijacked and crash-lands on the third planet of a distant solar system, killing nearly all hands.

When the lead ship of the caravan arrives on the world (having been mere moments to them but 20 years to the planet due to time dilation), the child of two crew members, Tang, is the sole inhabitant of the crash site, his parents become frozen and preserved away long ago. One of the rescue crew, a girl named Linda, meets Tang and falls in love with him. The rescue team is attacked by the native life of the planet and many of them are killed off. When the ship leaves, Linda decides to stay with Tang.

Ultimately it is revealed that both Linda and Tang are both human and Centaurian by birth (Linda being the daughter of the lead ship's captain) and the planet they ultimately become residents of is a newly discovered world ultimately christened "Earth".[1]



  • The original script by Arthur C. Pierce was called simply The Prehistoric Planet, but producer Jack Broder later added "Women of..." to the title for marketing purposes. To justify this title change, brief scenes were filmed of three actresses in native garb, prancing and swimming semi-nude in the pond and waterfall on the planet. These scenes were only used in foreign release prints but are visible briefly in the US trailer for the film.[2]
  • A significant amount of the music used in this film was also used in Revenge of the Creature, The Human Duplicators, and The Phantom Planet.

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Critical Response[]

  • Leonard Maltin wrote: "One-and-a-half stars ... One of many studio-bound sci-fi pix from the ’60s, a strange lot indeed."[3]


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