The XT-5000 Ramjet Super-Configured Limited Edition Lighting Interface, Model L is a tall, silver robot created by Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.


As an "entry into the land of robotics", Crow and Tom built what Crow considered to be the "coolest robot in the world", the XT-5000 Ramjet Super-Configured Limited Edition Lighting Interface, Model L. Joel, while initially believing the robot to be a package that required opening, warmed to the Bots' creation and complimented its "thingamajig" and "head-thing", which Servo explains is its PowerLight XL 440 Adapter Plate.

Joel, now confident in the robot's abilities, felt certain the XT-5000 was so powerful he could ask the robot "just about anything, pretty much", which the Bots confirmed. Joel then asked it "What integer can be the sum of itself and a number less than the positive square root of 30?" The XT-5000 responded by extruding foam from its Adapter Plate. Servo explains that "that's the way the XT communicates". Joel theorizes it's some form of bubble memory.

Unfortunately, the foam began to pile up as commercial sign came.


  • The XT-5000 was made of silver metal, similar to Crow's original color, but was given a round base, like Tom's.
  • It is kitbashed, like the other bots

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