T-Shirts with Crow's so-called "catchphrase" on them.

In Experiment #822, Crow T. Robot has purchased two million T-shirts with his catchphrase "You know you want me, baby!" printed on them.

As Mike Nelson pointed out in the episode, Crow had never actually said "You know you want me, baby", and the catchphrase was completely manufactured (despite Crow's insistence otherwise). The ensuing conversation led Mike and the bots to try out a few new catchphrases, such as "Kiss off, Slappy!" and "We're all out of toner!". The Bots were also unsatisfied with Mike's use of "Pearl's calling", despite the fact that she actually was (and that Mike says that phrase in nearly every episode in seasons 8-10).

Behind the Scenes

Shirts with this phrase are sold by Best Brains Inc. alongside a picture of Crow.


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