Zap Rowsdower: Hero

Zap Rowsdower is a be-mulleted character from Experiment #0910, The Final Sacrifice, played by the late actor Bruce J. Mitchell (no connection to the season 5 episode Mitchell, though to be fair the characters Rowsdower and Mitchell both do their share of drinking).

Zap is a Canadian resident most notable for drinking heavily and driving around in a dumpy pickup truck. Rowsdower stores all his worldly possessions in his truck, including his large collection of empty beer bottles. In his free time, he helps an effeminate boy by the name of Troy McGreggor topple an evil cult that killed his father (who bears a striking resemblance to Larry Csonka).


  • In his younger years, Zap was a member of the very same evil cult that he later toppled.
  • The kid's shrill, plaintive cry of "Rowsdower!" became something of a catchphrase in the last two seasons.
  • In the movie's closing credits, Christian Malcolm - who had played the kid - was credited as having played Rowsdower. According to Mitchell, by the time the mistake was realized there was no money to fix the mistake.
  • Though it was frequently intimated that Zap was the cult member who killed Troy's father, it was revealed in the final confrontation with the cult that Zap had, in fact, fought unsuccessfully to save his life.
  • If you're into playing Call of Cthulhu, Zap's BRP stats can be found here.

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