Zap Rowsdower: Hero

Zap Rowsdower is a character from Experiment #910 - The Final Sacrifice. Played by the late actor Bruce J. Mitchell, Zap is a Canadian resident who helps the young Troy McGreggor topple an evil cult that killed his father.

Throughout the course of the film, we learn that in his younger years, Zap was a member of the very same evil cult he and Troy are striving to topple and had killed Troy's father. It is revealed in the final confrontation with the cult that Zap had, in fact, fought unsuccessfully to save Troy's father's life.


Troy's shrill, plaintive cry of "Rowsdower!" became something of a catchphrase in Seasons 9 and 10.


Mike: Rowsdowermobile, away!
Crow: So, Rowsdower, is that a stupid name, or...?
Mike: And the cops pick up their Zap Rowsdower hotline.
Tom: Zap Actions Dower!

Troy is laying in front of a fire.

Tom (as Troy): Rowthdower, could you put out my head?
Tom: Rowsdower's got one of screendom's best rear ends.
Mike (as Troy, annoyed): Rowsdowerrr!

Troy leans into Rowsdowers truck window.

Crow (as Troy): Do you know how fast you were going, Rowsdower?

Rowsdower (to truck): Come on baby, don't let me down!

Tom (as Troy): I won't, Rowsdower!

The trucks wheels spin in the dirt.

Mike: RowsdowerrrRrRrRRRRRr!

Truck backfires.

Tom: Rowsdowers heart just exploded.
Mike: Getting water for Rowsdower. Rowsdower wants me to get water for him...
Crow: Ha, that is a classic Rowsdower-ism.

Rowsdower gets hit by a truck.

Mike: Ooh, you know, if you hit a Rowsdower, you get to keep it.

Troy is sleeping on the floor.

Tom (as Troy):...Rowsdower...*snore* Rowsdower...

Rowsdower rides away on a horse.

Mike (dramatically): The Lone Rowsdower!
All (We Will Rock You): You got mud on your face, you big Disgrace, shoving those sandwiches into your face singing, We Will, We Will Rowsdower!
Crow: Sing it!

Rowsdower takes off coat.

All (feelby): We Will... We Will... Rowsdower...

Rowsdower releases Troy.

Crow (as Troy): My Rowsdower's come for me!

Rowsdower and Troy hug when they resurrect the city.

Bots: (bone cracking noises, wheezing)
Mike (as Troy, choking): Rowsdower, you're squeezing my-Row-Rowsdower-Row-!

Zap and Troy ride off into that Canadian sunset.

Mike: Thats on Zap and Troy, The Legendary Journeys.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the movie's closing credits, Christian Malcolm - who had played the kid - was credited as having played Rowsdower. According to Mitchell, by the time the mistake was realized there was no money to fix the mistake.
  • If you're into playing Call of Cthulhu, Zap's BRP stats can be found here.
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